The A-1PX and the A-3PX incorporate Sound Lab's advanced technology and wrap it in sumptuous hardwoods.
A1-PX, Beautiful, bold, impressive, dynamic, realistic.... the list of adjectives are extensive when describing the A-1PX.

The A-3PX adds elegance to any listening room, both sonically and aesthetically.

Audiophile 745

Audiophile 645


Audiophile 545

Wrapped in a framework of luxurious hardwood, the Audiophile 545 will always have a place in your home and in your heart. Hidden within the beautiful exterior of the Audiophile 545 is the most advanced electrostatic loudspeaker technology to be found anywhere. It includes the Toroid II audio transformer, Hot-Rod super quality components and Bass-Focus® panel technology. The dimensions of the Audiophile 545 are comparatively small for being a full-range electrostatic speaker, but the performance is amazing for its size, approaching that of our larger full-range speakers. The rich appearance of the Audiophile 545 will add to the decor of any listening room. The standard wood trim is medium oak and the grille is a double-knit black fabric. However, other woods and grille fabrics are optionally available. Matching the wood trim to other woods is also a service we provide.