For people who desire a rich wood framework we developed the

Audiophile Series appearance.  The electrostatic panels are

wrapped in a beautiful furniture-grade frame that compliments

the decor of any listening room.  A broad range of woods are available.

Painted piano-grade finishes are also available.

This series employs a painted steel frame into which the electrostatic

panel is integrated.  The high mass and great strength of this frame

insures that all of the vibrational energy of the membrane is

converted to sound with virtually no energy being lost in the frame. 

The Ultimate frame has a space-age appearance that is very

attractive in the modern motif.

The decor of some rooms is such that it is desired that the presence

of the speakers be subdued.  This series was designed to fulfill this

need.  The aesthetic of this series provides a simple appearance, using

elegant wood trim only on the sides of the panels so as not to be obtrus

ive to the  decor of the room.


   The New Toroidal audio transformer is here and is now available!   

A new toroidal audio transformer has been recently developed that adds higher sensitivity to our speakers and can handle higher signal voltages.  What's more, this new toroid is capable of  handling lower frequencies without saturation, giving amazing available energy in the upper bass region.  The new toroidal transformer is standard on our premium models.  However, it is available as an update option on other and older models.